APRIL 2018

We Finally Have A Living Room!

Sunday 15th April 2018

It's been three very long weeks, but we finally have a beautiful living room. I cannot thank my amazing family enough for working all hours to get this room finished!

Moving into the property we knew work needed doing, but we didn't realise just quite how much. We took a week off, in what we thought would be enough time to decorate the living room and move in. Luckily our completion date was one week before we were due out of our rental apartment, so we had a bit of time to move everything over and it wasn't a one-day mad rush.

Transforming The Dark Room
The living room as we bought it was very dark, with stained wooden flooring, a large brick fireplace and the old homeowner had a lot of furniture in the space which made it feel so much smaller. Right from the beginning we had a list of what we knew we wanted to change - first thing was ripping out the fireplace! This list grew A LOT over time!

o Dado rail taken off
o Replaced all the skirting
o Straightened the fireplace wall, and replaced the coving here
o Moved the radiator to underneath the window
o Removed the wall lights
o Replaced the window sill
o Sanded and repainted doors
o Fitted additional plug sockets

When fitting additional plug sockets, we found out the whole room needed rewiring (so will each room in the house when we come to it). I'm so proud of Chris and my brother, who rewired with a bit of advice from my dad and uncle.

Once all the hard work was done, then comes the fun bit of choosing wall colours, furniture and accessories!

Most of the furniture was from our old apartment (sofa, side tables, book case, TV stand), however we did treat ourselves to a new six-seater dining table. We love to have our families round, so we are lucky we have the space for a large table.

The cabinet was another of my upcycle projects. Chris's parents kindly gave us the corner unit, and I repainted to match the other upcycled furniture in the living room.

The next room we are on with is the kitchen. Eventually it will need replacing, but for now it's a refresh job. Watch this space, blog post will be up soon!